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  • Tax Information


    You can access and view all payments made to FACTS for your Tax purposes by following the Financial link when logged into your parents portal.

    Financial information from the school year 2017-2018 will not be available on FACTS. You will have to call the office for last school years payment information.

    • Click on Financial Link on left menu when logged into Renweb Parents Portal
    • Click on Financial home. This Link will take you to your FACTS account.
    • Click on View details next to Prepay account or Payment Plan & Billing.
    • On the next page select the blue Payment Summary box . This will show you all payments made to school broken down into different categories. 
    • You can select different date ranges and years.
    • There is a print button, so you can print and save for your taxes. 
    If you have any questions with this process, please call the school office.



  • Morning Announcements Location Change

    Our morning annoucements will now be located on our website. Please follow this link to view our Daily Annoucements. Morning Announcement Link