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It begins with Purpose

Altamonte Christian School is a preschool through 12th grade college preparatory school devoted to teaching young men and women to think critically and wisely, instilling heartfelt joy and interest in learning, while encouraging lives of faith, character, and service to the glory of God.



Freeing a generation to think and live well.



students to think and understand the world around them



students to communicate effectively through both written and spoken word



heartfelt joy and interest in learning



students to live lives of faith, character, and service



environments that cultivate friendship and unity


Through our faith in Jesus Christ and His standard, we seek to help develop well-rounded young men and women who think and live well.



Our vision is to provide an all-encompassing Christ-centered college preparatory education for students from any neighborhood and background, taught by teachers who are:


about Altamonte Christian’s purpose, mission, and vision

and accomplished in their field of study

Well trained
in the art of teaching

and excited about the students they teach


in Christian faith, thought, and character


With an administration, teachers, and faculty who seek:


To challenge
students in both mind and heart, naturally and intentionally, integrating academics and Christian faith


To partner
with, yet not replace, the family and the church as we help shape students academically and spiritually


To focus
on developing the whole student by guiding their thoughts and inquiries to be led by conviction and truth  


To encourage
a joy and interest in learning for its own sake, viewing education as an end in itself, not a means to some other end


To approach
learning as a pursuit of truth, realizing that all truth is God’s truth 


Since 1966, Altamonte Christian School has been committed to keeping Jesus Christ as our focus and the Bible as our foundation.

We have been blessed to be at the same location all these years. As Central Florida has grown up around us, we have grown too. We are proud of our heritage of Christian education.

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Altamonte Christian School  |  A Ministry of Palm Springs Drive Baptist Church

Senate Bill 1712, the Ethics in Education Act, became effective July 1, 2008, and impacts certain operational procedures for private schools participating in the McKay and Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Programs. This Act adds new requirements to the employee screening process, school accountability to develop standards of ethical conduct, procedures for reporting misconduct, and mandatory reporting of child abuse, abandonment, and neglect.


Altamonte Christian School employees have an obligation and legal responsibility to report misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety or welfare of a student. Report to one of the following administrators in person or by phone:


Pastor Scott Carlson, Executive Director

Mrs. Denille Brownlee, Director

Mrs. Pam Piorkowski, Director of Academics


Altamonte Christian School employees have a duty to report actual or suspected cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Employees have immunity from liability if they report and will have a duty to comply with child protective investigations. The statewide toll-free abuse hotline number is 1-800-962-2873


Altamonte Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity in regard to either employment practices or student admission.