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Spiritual Life

ACS is a campus with a vibrant student life and events throughout the year. Not only are the activities fun, but they provide a context in which students challenge themselves to do something new, pursue opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, and build strong relationships with their peers and teachers.

The students at ACS have love to work hard, play hard, and take risks. The faculty and administration come alongside families and the local church to reinforce values and continue the great conversation about life through modeling lives marked with joy. 

High School Retreat

Each fall, we host our high school retreat, where there are 2 full days of spiritual emphasis from an outside speaker and team-building activities. During this week, friendships are formed and memories are made. We break up into teams that we come back to throughout the year.

Weekly Chapel

Every Thursday, we hold chapel assemblies for each department (preschool, elementary, and secondary). The students enjoy a time of worship through music together and they then are challenged from God’s Word from a speaker.  In our secondary chapel, worship is lead by our student-led praise band. 


As part of our secondary Bible classes, we participate in a mentoring program every other week. Each elementary and preschool class is assigned a secondary class where each student gets a mentor, a buddy to encourage them. This program works in a two-fold way, as it teachers our older students that they are being watched by the younger students, as leaders. This challenges them to live up to the standard that they should. For the younger students, it allows them to learn what a role model is. We encourage high fives as their buddies pass them on campus from time to time. We want these mentorships to be life-changing.

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