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Leadership Programs

Exploring and Impacting Our World

Implementing classroom learning and leadership in a real-world context.


Global Next Leadership Travel Program

Travelling is as much about deepening our understanding of the world as it is about the fun experience. Only in finding this balance can we meaningfully engage and affect the world around us.

Learning new things firsthand is a hallmark of the ACS experience. Moving beyond the classroom and into our beautiful and complex world changes us for the better. Experiencing new countries and cultures gives students the opportunity to take risks, explore new ideas, and stretch themselves in ways that they never imagined. Students begin to understand the complete beauty of God’s creation and his love for all of mankind. Students connect with their peers and grow deeper with faculty through time spent in new cultures and environments. Through the Global Next Leadership program,  students are provided the opportunity to think and live well with the world as a backdrop.

In addition to travel, ACS offers college-level, dual-enrollment courses through Southeastern University, taught by our faculty all about leadership.


Our desire is to develop the leader that God has called our students to be in a tangible way.

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