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At ACS, we are committed to helping as many struggling learners as we can! We believe that parents and students should have a choice in where they receive their education and that includes individuals who struggle academically. We provide a number of opportunities to help support students and meet their needs.  Our R.I.S.E Director will review all paperwork and help determine the best course of action for students! 

ESE Accommodations

We can provide specific in-class accommodations that IEP's, 504's, Service Plan's, and Psychoeducational Evaluation's recommend for our general education setting. Accommodations will be determined, after paperwork has been provided and parents/guardians have met with our R.I.S.E Director.


ESE Pullouts

ESE students can receive math or English language arts pullouts during the school day. IEP, 504, Service Plan, or Psychoeducational Evaluation must be provided; and final determination of pull outs will be made by the R.I.S.E Director.


Middle School R.I.S.E. Class

We offer a self-contained class for students in 6th-8th grades with severe learning disabilities. The goal of this class is to help students close any educational gaps and  return to the general education classroom setting. There is an additional cost for those participating in this class.



We partner with a therapy group who can provide speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, meet communication needs and more. The therapists determine needs of students based on previous paperwork and evaluations. There is an additional, hourly cost for any therapy provided. 

Our R.I.S.E. Faculty

R.I.S.E. Supply List (PDF)


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