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Uniform Information

Uniform and Hair Policy

Students at Altamonte Christian School must wear an approved school uniform to stay within the school dress code guidelines. ACS provides a uniform package to each student in July of the new school year, which includes 2 ACS branded polo shirts, 2 ACS branded t-shirts, 1 ACS branded jacket, and 1 ACS Spirit Shirt. Uniform-style bottoms in navy blue or khaki are required, which may be purchased by any store selling uniform bottoms. Please be sure to read this uniform policy in its entirety to ensure you have the correct items.


Hair Style Policy

Boys and Girls: The following guidelines apply to both boys and girls.

  • Hairstyles should be out of the face, neatly combed/brushed, and present a nicely shaped appearance.

  • Hairstyles should be styled or secured to avoid distraction.

  • Braiding should be freshly groomed and kept neat and tidy.

  • Fads (trendy styles that are not neat and tidy), mohawks, bunny tails, rat tails, and other styles are not allowed. 

  • Hair must not be worn covering eyes or impairing eyesight.

  • Hair color and highlights must be a natural color and must not be a distraction.


Hairstyles change over time. Therefore, the administration has the right to administer and interpret the policy       and make adjustments as needed.


Uniform/Hair Policy

Boys: The following guidelines apply to boys only.

  • It is preferred that boys’ hair should be cut above the eyes, mid-ear, and to the top of the collar. Boys are not required to cut their hair; however, it must always be pulled away from the face and off the collar.

  • It is preferred that boys should be clean-shaven. Short beards and mustaches are allowed if they are trimmed neatly.

  • Sideburns may not extend below the earlobe and should not flare out.

  • Boys should not wear earrings to school or school functions.


Girls: The following guidelines apply to girls only.

  • All uniform skorts, skirts, and dresses (in navy blue or khaki) must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee- front and back for girls in VPK-5th Grades.

  • Girls in grades 6-12 may wear shorts, pants, or capris in navy blue or khaki.

    • All uniform shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee- front and back.

  • Stockings and/or leggings may be worn under uniform bottoms during cool weather. They must be a solid school uniform color: navy, black, gray, or white.

  • Secondary Students may wear regular shoes and sandals with a back strap.

    • Preschool and Elementary students must only wear tennis shoes.

  • Earrings must be no more than one inch in diameter. Large hoop earrings are not allowed. No more than 2 piercings per ear are allowed.

  • Girls in grades VPK-5th grade should not wear make-up. Girls in grades 6-12th wearing make-up should not be excessive but modest in appearance.


Preschool Dress Code Guidelines

Altamonte Christian Preschool students (VPK) must wear a school uniform every day. The uniform consists of an ACS polo or t-shirt. Preschool students may wear any brand of uniform-style shorts or pants with no cargo pockets (girls and boys), capris (girls), or skorts (girls). Uniform tops and polo dresses may be purchased from anywhere uniforms are sold. We will provide a uniform package which consists of 2 polos, 2 t-shirts, a jacket, and a Friday Spirit shirt. Additional spirit wear will be offered two times a year for those who would like to purchase additional items.


School Tops and Uniform Bottoms

School uniform polos (K5-12), and t-shirts (K5-12th) will be provided by ACS. Additional ACS spirit wear will be sold from the school spirit store or the school office on the south campus. Bottoms are purchased by the parent anywhere uniform bottoms are sold. Girls in grades VPK-5th grade may wear skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, or capris in navy blue or khaki. Girls in grades 6th-12th may wear shorts or pants only in navy blue and khaki. Along sleeve solid white, solid navy, or solid grey shirt with no logos may be worn under a uniform shirt during cool weather. Only ACS outerwear and jackets are allowed in the classrooms.


School Outerwear, Athletic, and Spirit Wear

School outerwear will be sold through the ACS uniform package. ACS will also take orders for special outerwear and spirit wear that will be sold seasonally. All outerwear must follow this dress code policy. Our policy states that outerwear must be ACS branded. Seniors will be permitted to wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, and outwear with college logos on Fridays.

Girls' leggings may be worn during cool weather under uniform bottoms. They must be solid navy blue, solid gray, or solid white and must go all the way to the ankle. Capri-style leggings are not acceptable.


ACS Brand - Purchase/Order from the ACS Office

*School Outerwear - Optional items available for purchase in the south campus school office

*School Spirit Shirt - Can be worn on Fridays with uniform bottoms

*School PE Shirt - Required for P.E. Class (Grades 6-8/9)

*May be worn by VPK-12 Grades

School Uniform Bottoms

School Uniform bottoms may be purchased from any store where uniform bottoms are sold. Brands such as Dickies (VPK-12), Wonder Nation brand (VPK-8), Old Navy/Gap, JC Penney brand, Tommy Hilfiger, and Cat and Jack brand (VPK-8), etc.


**Please be sure that you follow this uniform guide to ensure you are purchasing an approved style of uniform.

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