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Fine Arts

Reflecting the Image of our

Creator through the Arts.

We were made to create. To communicate and express all that is within us all that is true, beautiful, and good!

As God is the creator, so humans are meant to be creative. Altamonte Christian School Fine Arts gives students the skills and opportunity to express who they are and what moves them as people. In sharing their works to the community they learn to take risks and to add beauty to our world.



Offerings in the Arts:


Performing Arts

Performers receive mentoring in the fields of acting, choreography, music, and vocal performance along with opportunities to be on stage.


Fine Arts

Artists will gain confidence in their ability to communicate visually, think creatively, and contemplate beauty in drawing, painting, and sculpting along with seasonal opportunities for displaying their work and assisting with set design.


Digital and Technical Arts 

Digital artists and technicians receive training in some photography and film, along with learning to run the technical side of the arts, complete with seasonal opportunities for honing in on their skills through experience.


The Creative Cycle:


In the classroom

The classroom is a dynamic learning environment where students are able to learn, take risks, and grow as artists. As students are guided by skilled instructors, they are introduced to the fundamentals of technique, encouraged to explore God’s created world, and inspired to create works of their own. In the classroom, students become comfortable with the creative process and find their voices as artists.


Through exhibition

Public exhibition and performance are vital components of the creative process. Throughout the school year, students are encouraged to make use of the opportunities given to exhibit their work. Whether through productions, art exhibitions, or even through competition, when students share substantial and meaningful work, it establishes a connection between artist and audience and creates an opportunity for dialogue.

Finishing with critique

Reflection and critique serve as a catalyst for growth. Critique provides an opportunity to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement. Not only is this process built into classroom rhythms, but it is also a part of auditions, exhibition and performance. The practice of offering and receiving critique builds character, refines artistic expression, and propels the artist toward greater excellence.

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