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International Student Admissions



Altamonte Christian School began in 1966 with its purpose to offer a quality education built on biblical foundations that equip our students to reflect Christ to the world. We live in a global culture that is increasingly interdependent. As a Christian school, we feel compelled to equip our students to be active participants in the emerging global community while at the same time leaving our Christian footprint as a witness to the world.


Bringing international students into our small intimate campus allows us to both shape our stateside students’ awareness of and instill compassion for the world but also allows international students to encounter a new culture, new customs, and language within a Christ-centered safe community.



  • Academic rigor where students will expand upon their critical thinking skills

  • Fine arts program where students will express their creative talents

  • Full Athletic programs

  • Academic support for student success with SAT and ACT preparation courses

  • AP and honors courses as well as college dual enrollment classes on campus

  • College and University planning with an experienced Guidance Counselor


Altamonte Christian School understands that not all students will be from a Christian background. ACS’s student body is a cultural, economic, and socially diverse population. ACS requires all students to take Bible courses, attend weekly chapels, and fulfill Christian service requirements for graduation.


Altamonte Christian School’s (ACS) International Program Office practices rolling admissions, meaning that an international student can apply at any time. The ACS school year begins mid August and runs through the end of May. ACS begins receiving International Student applications for the next year’s fall semester as early as a year in advance. We recommend that international students apply as early as possible, keeping in mind this process can take up to four (4) months depending on your home country. Please contact Dr. Zobel at Click the following link for tuition/fee costs:


International Student Rate Schedule 2024-2025


Altamonte Christian School offers limited housing placement for International Students. Once our housing placement is full, we recommend that parents research housing with numerous local housing programs such as:

  • StudentRoomStay - We welcome international students and encourage students to live in personally-matched homes with local families to get a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. We provide students with a welcoming family and a place to call home while pursuing their education at Altamonte Christian School.

  • Homestay Florida - Because this information for housing changes, we encourage parents to choose the option that best benefits their child.

For additional information, please refer to our website at:

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