International Student Admissions



Altamonte Christian School began in 1966 with its purpose to offer a quality education built on biblical foundations that equip our students to reflect Christ to the world. We live in a global culture that is increasingly interdependent. As a Christian school we feel compelled to equip our students to be active participants in the emerging global community while at the same time leaving our Christian footprint as a witness to the world.


Bringing international students into our small intimate campus allows us to both shape our stateside students’ awareness of and instill compassion for the world but also allows international students to encounter a new culture, new customs and language within a Christ-centered safe community.



  • Academic rigor where students will expand upon their critical thinking skills

  • Fine arts program where students will express their creative talents

  • Full Athletic programs

  • Academic support for student success with SAT and ACT preparation courses

  • AP and honors courses as well as college dual enrollment classes on campus

  • College and University planning with an experienced Guidance Counselor


Altamonte Christian School understands that not all students will be from a Christian background. ACS’s student body is a cultural, economic, and socially diverse population. ACS requires all students to take Bible courses, attend weekly chapels, and fulfill Christian service requirements for graduation.


Altamonte Christian School’s (ACS) International Program Office practices rolling admissions, meaning that an international student can apply at any time. ACS begins receiving International Student applications for the next year’s fall semester as early as a year in advance. We recommend that international students apply as early as possible. Click the following link for tuition/fee costs: International Student Rate Schedule 2022-2023



The first step in applying to ACS’s International Student Program is to complete the International Student Application Create an Account and pay the application fee of $350. Once we acknowledge receipt of the completed application and fee, we will contact you to move on to STEP 2.


  1. Once we’ve received your application and fee, we’ll be in touch to help you complete your admissions package, which will include the following 6 documents:

    • 2-3 Photos of the applicant

    • Scan of Passport

    • Official results from one of the following accepted English Proficiency Assessments: 

      • TOEFL iBT

      • TOEFL PB

      • ITEP

  2. An official copy of the applicant’s Academic Records (school transcript) from the beginning of 8th grade until present. Applicants must send both the original language transcripts and an official copy of the transcript which has been both translated into English and scaled to the American grading system. (100 point system / 4 point GPA scale). *

  3. Medical Insurance – Each student must have medical insurance to ensure they can be properly cared for if needed. Below are listed just a few that you may want to research. We will need proof of a policy when you submit all the necessary documents:

  4. Financial statement to show funds available for full year tuition and fees.


Please submit all supplemental documents directly to Altamonte Christian School using one of the following options:

  1. By email to

  2. By Fax: 1-407-831-6840 - Attn: ISP, Dr. JM Zobel

  3. By mail to:
    Altamonte Christian School
    Attn: ISP Director
    601 Palm Springs Drive

      Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, USA


*You may choose to utilize a locally authorized translation service to produce the English copies of the School Transcripts, or you may choose to use one of the following globally recognized translation and evaluation companies:


  • Josef Silny & Associates: Address: 7101 SW 102 Avenue, Miami FL 33173, Phone: 305-273-1616, Fax: 305-273-1338



Applicant Interview
Once the application, fee and all supplemental documents have been received, the applicant will be contacted by a member of the International Student Program Admissions Committee to schedule an admissions interview. Interviews are normally conducted via a live chat service at a time that is convenient for both parties.
(Arrangements are made to accommodate various time zone differences). A typical interview lasts 20-40 minutes.


Acceptance Decision & Offer Of Admission
After completing the admissions interview, an applicant will be contacted by the Admissions Committee within 3 business days. This contact will communicate the Committee’s initial decision to proceed. At this point a virtual entrance test will be scheduled. Once completed and graded, the Committee’s final decision will be communicated to the family within one week. If all documents have been received and the entrance test was satisfactory, a formal offer of admission will be sent via email.


Enrollment Contract &Tuition Deposit (15 Days)
Within 15 days of an acceptance decision, the accepted student will receive an enrollment packet from the school via mail or email. This packet will include a copy of your Admissions Letter, a Tuition Statement & Enrollment Contract, and a Residential Services Agreement (if applicable).


Contract Returned & Deposit Submitted (2 Weeks)
Families who receive an offer of admission are afforded 2 weeks to complete the Enrollment Contract and submit their non-refundable tuition deposit of $5,000 USD ($10,000 USD for students applying from Mainland China) to Altamonte Christian School.


Upon receipt of the signed Enrollment Contract and non-refundable tuition deposit the student is officially enrolled.  Once the student is enrolled, we will mail an enrollment package to the student which will include the original I-20 document and additional instructions to assist you in applying for your F-1 visa and matriculating successfully.

As we issue the I-20 paperwork (needed to gain a F-1 student Visa), the student is responsible for contacting their local U.S. Embassy to schedule a visa interview.  The student will also need to pay the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) I-901 fee Online.

ACS’s International Student Program office is happy to assist you with this process and will gladly answer any questions you may have with regards to visa acquisition. Please contact us at:  or by phone at +1-407-831-0950 x323.



International Students are required to submit the full balance of their annual tuition and fees no later than July 1st .  Students who fail to do so will lose their admissions status and deposit. Students must provide Altamonte Christian School with a copy of their incoming flight itinerary as well as notify us of any changes to their arrival.



Altamonte Christian School offers limited housing placement for International Students. Once our housing placement is full, we recommend that parents research housing with numerous local housing programs such as:

  • StudentRoomStay - We welcome international students and encourage students to live in personally-matched homes with local families to get a once in a lifetime cultural experience. We provide students with a welcoming family and a place to call home while pursuing their education at Altamonte Christian School.

  • Homestay Florida - Because this information for housing changes, we encourage parents to choose the option that best benefits their child.

For additional information, please refer to our website at: